пятница, 29 октября 2010 г.

Suburban Scum - Internal War EP (2010)

Attila The Stockbroker's Barnstormer - The Siege Of Shoreham (1996)

V/A - Oi! Let's Go Canada! (2000)

Canadian Oi!/Streetpunk compilation features Street Troopers, Lager Lads, Rabblerousers, Glory Stompers, 12 Pointbuck, Wednesday Night Heroes, Bois!, King Size Braces, Trouble Makers, Generatorz, The Cleats, Subway Thugs, Hammerboiz, Impact, Shock Troops, Blatherskites, Bitter Grin, Vacant Lot, Mayhem United and Cocksure. 

четверг, 28 октября 2010 г.

Froglegs - Movin' Up! (2003)

Froglegs were no doubt the best Russian rocksteady band. They started playing ska & reggae in St. Petersburg in 1999. They were well known and popular among Russian skinheads 'cause they were the only band for years who played pure skinhead reggae and original ska music. Movin' Up! is their first and the last official album. And this is real amazing stuff!!!

The Analogs - Co warte jest życie (Official Video)

Hudson Falcons - Singles Collection 1997-2002 (2006)

Armed Suspects - For The Punks & Skins (Official Video)

For the Punks and Skins from Lisa Forst on Vimeo.

Adversión - El Juicio Final (2010)

Yuppicide - Anthology: '88 - '98 (2CD) (2010)

Squiggy – All Seven Inches: The Complete 7" Record Collection (2010)

The Borderguards - Complete Recordings 1999-2005 (2005)

The Press - The Complete Press 1984-1994 (2007)

The Outsiders – From Liberty To Death: The Complete Recordings (2010)

Kids Of The Streets - Under Attack (2010)

Ray - Judas EP (2009)

Hoods Up - Arms Still Open (2007)

Linea De Fuego - Miedo al Fracaso (2010)

Cops And Robbers - Face To Face With Hate (2000)

Strikers - Self Titled EP (2000)

Last Laugh (FIN) - Dead Serious (2007)

Last Laugh is great hardcore/punk band from Helsinki, Finland. Don't confuse them with thrashcore Last Laugh from Canada or with American Oi! band Last Laugh from Arizona. Last Laugh Helsinki plays old school hardcore/punk in vein of SSD, Negative Approach, early Slapshot, SOA. Real catchy stuff!!!

Close Call - Someone Talked LP (2002)

Last In Line - Self Titled EP (2002)

Last In Line - L'Esercito Del Morto (2000)

Last In Line - Crosswalk EP (1999)

вторник, 26 октября 2010 г.

Step 2 Far & Spider Crew - split (2006)

Hell Beer Boys - Heroes De La Noche (2010)

Take Offense - Negative Outlook (2007)

First release of this brilliant Chula Vista hardcore band which sound is heavily influenced by skinhead hardcore bands (especially from New York) and some crossover groups like Suicidal Tendencies. If you are into raw straight in your face skinhead hardcore you should check their stuff!!!

понедельник, 25 октября 2010 г.

воскресенье, 24 октября 2010 г.

The Valkyrians - I Want To See Some Action (Official Video)

Thorpedians - Hurt So Badly (Official Video)

Frontlash - STHLM HC 7'' (1999)

Evil Conduct - Skinhead Till I Die (Official Video)

Assert - More Than A Witness (1998)

The Blackout Brigade - Death And Dishonesty (2009)

Assert - Insurrection Rocks (2001)

Assert - Left Opposition (1999)

суббота, 23 октября 2010 г.

Assert - Riotous Assembly (2003)

The Fallout - In The Gutter (Official Video)

Haircut - Fils D'ouvrier (2003)

Haircut - Le Gout Des Armes (2002)

Haircut - Violence (2005)

четверг, 21 октября 2010 г.

Second Chance (NL) - Tides May Turn (2003)

"Tides May Turn" is the third and the last release of this Dutch band that was trying to keep the true spirit of old school hardcore alive. They played hardcore in vein of such bands as Warzone, Slapshot or Forced Reality sometimes. Second Chance has broken up. Some of them continue playing with their new band Harbour 81.

Second Chance (NL) - Fortune Favors The Bold (2001)

Second Chance was great Rotterdam based hardcore unit that have been playing real old school hardcore sometimes with Oi!/street rock touch. They released their first official album entitled "Premium Hardcore" in 1999. "Fortune Favors The Bold" is their second disc. It was released by GSR Music in Mai 2001.

Street Kids - Back In The Days (2010)

Donkey Work - Kick Up A Recket (2010)

Bottlejob - You And Whose Army (2004)

Aspire - Self Titled EP (2009)