четверг, 31 марта 2011 г.

VA - Drinking Is Great! A Portland Compilation 7'' EP (1985)

"For best results, play this record DRUNK." Four Portland's finest: Poison Idea, Lockjaw, Final Warning and E-13.

VA - Look At All The Children Now LP (1990)

This is really amazing NYHC compilation! Here you will find several quite well known bands like Citizen's Arrest, Busting Out, GO! and Moondog, and a bunch of really solid bands like Bad Trip, SFA and Yuppicide that never really got their dues. Finally there are number of lesser known bands like World Discrimination, Bugout Society, Team Effort, Product 19 or MAS that round out this compilation. 

VA - It Came From The Pit LP (1985)

This excellent sampler has something for everyone. Music ranges from Oi! and dark hardcore to classic punk and jazz-hardcore. You expect great tracks from Gassenhauer, Problem Children, SNFU, Stretchmarks, Sudden Impact, S.C.U.M., No Means No and other bands. Psyche Industry Records released this classic compilation and shows the active underground scene in Canada was and is intact. Brilliant song selection, cool artwork complete this piece of Canadian contemporary punk history.

вторник, 29 марта 2011 г.

Jenny Woo - Alberta Rose CD (2011)

The Straps - Self Titled LP (1982)

The Straps - Brixton 7'' EP (1982)

VA - Big City's One Big Crowd LP (1985)

This LP was released by Big City Records in 1985 and contains 20 bands from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The 1st side are all bands from NY, side 2 has bands from NJ and CT. The bands are Violent Children, Sheer Terror, Psychos, Ultraviolence, Armed Citizens, Pleased Youth, Bedlam, Seizure, Kreig Kopf and others.

In Your Face - The Grub 7'' EP (1989)

воскресенье, 27 марта 2011 г.

Crisis - Alienation 7'' EP (1981)

Crisis - UK 79 7'' EP (1979)

Crisis - No Town Hall 7'' EP (1978)

Angelic Upstarts - Bombed Out CD (1994)


VA - United Skins For Freedom Of Speech double CD (2011)

International RAC'n'Oi! compilation from Oi! Ain't Red Records. The bands on compilation are The Firm, The Widowmakers, Brassic, Angry Bootboys, First Strike, Les Vilains, Punk Front, English Rose, Youngblood, Rampage, Orgullo Sur, Hais & Fiers, Crucial Change, Bulldog Breed, Short Cropped, Mac & Los Guaren Korps, Orange Blood, Wellington Arms, I Don't Like You, Die Jungz, Bunker 16, Shaven Heads, Combate 49, Contre Courante and some others. 

The Strike - Shots Heard Round The World CD (1999)

The Strike & Dillinger Four - Rebel's Choice split 7'' EP (1997)


суббота, 26 марта 2011 г.

The Strike - A Conscience Left To Struggle With Pockets Full Of Rust CD (1996)

The Strike - Shots Heard 'Round The World (Official Video)

The Strike - Victoria 7'' EP (1996)

Molodoï - Dragon Libre CD (1991)

Frontpilsen - Aquest Es El Nostre Moment 7'' EP (1990)

четверг, 24 марта 2011 г.

Doc Marten - Your Time Will Come 7'' EP (1989)

In 1989 Rock-O-Rama began production of a series of 7-inch singles under the imprint name Street Rock'N'Roll which contained, with a few exceptions, songs from recently released albums from Rock-O-Rama and its sublabels. Most came in a generic company sleeve, some in a plain white sleeve, and a very small number had picture sleeves which were probably made by the respective bands. There was some variation of the center labels, some were dark brown/black with gold print, some were yellow with black print. The darker labels were sometimes very difficult to read, so it's a safe assumption that the yellow labels came about to rectify this problem. The initial series ended in 1991 after 61 releases. One of these EPs was Doc Marten "Your Time Will Come/Everlasting Strength" single. The material from this EP was never re-released!

вторник, 22 марта 2011 г.

Micky Fitz & Steve Kent - UK LP (1987)

This LP was released by Chain Reaction Records in 1987. Let's Micky Fitz himself tell some words about this project. "An interesting item indeed.... but what is it all about? No, it's not the end of the "Business". Far from it, we could not be stronger, especially with the return of founder member and original guitarist Steve Kent. In fact it was this album which actually led to this return to the fold. This record is a collection of songs written by Steve and myself, and our good friend and drinking partner Billy Karloff. It is something we have all wanted to record, but the songs never seemed right for the "Business", and so it seemed the songs were doomed to a sentence in limbo. So.... instead of that terrible fate, and rather than a megalomiac Micky Fitz solo album, UK were born. Which seems an ideal vehicle for more heavy metal based songs. It may come as some surprise to the more punkier amongst you, but let's be honest we all love Sham and the Pistols, as much as we do AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Motorhead etc. More fuel to the ultimate guitar crossover...... remember the real enemy SMASH THE DISCOS!!!!!!!! Micky Fitz".

суббота, 19 марта 2011 г.

Nuclear Device - Desperados 7'' EP (1987)

Nuclear Device - Je Suis Un Evadé CD (1988)

Nuclear Device - Deprisa 1987 Remix 7'' EP (1987)

Nuclear Device - Western Electric LP (1987)

пятница, 18 марта 2011 г.

VA - Rock Army Fraction LP (1986)

"Rock Army Fraction" is political punk & alternative rock compilation released by Bondage Records in cooperation with Alerte Rouge. The bands are Nuclear Device, The Neurotics, Red London, Attila The Stockbroker, Haine Brigade, Les Kamioners Du Suicide, Kid Bravo, Vent D'Est and Richard III.

Carry Nation - Face The Nation 1985-1989 7'' EP (1989)

Hard Stance - Face Reality 7'' EP (1988)