среда, 10 ноября 2010 г.

Ritam Nereda - Nikog Nema re-edition (2001)

Ritam Nereda - Breaking (1993)

Ritam Nereda - Nikog Nema (1991)

Blitzkrieg - Never Give Up (Official Video)

Blitzkrieg - Part One LP (1999)

Surowa Generacja - Wojownicy Ulicy & Nie Jestes Jednym Z Zas CD (2004)

The Riot - Ceska Krev (2008)

Last Strike - Delnicky Rock (2008)

The Protest - From Protest To Resistance CD (2000)

вторник, 9 ноября 2010 г.

V/A - Screams From The Gutter LP (2003)

Great compilation of Oi!/streetpunk bands from Sweden that was released by German DSS Records in 2003. There are nine bands on this LP: Poblers United, Agent Buldogg, Guttersnipe, Voice Of A Generation, Clockwork Crew, Bombshell Rocks, Boot Squad and Frank's Bootboys.

The New Breed - Off The Beaten Path (2004)

The New Breed - Port City Rebels (2003)

The New Breed - Day To Day (2002)

V/A - Rockin' The Streets Vol. 2 (1999)

Oi!/streetpunk compilation released by German DSS Records in cooperation with Canadian Longshot Music. Release features The Cleats, The Stouts, The Franks, Subway Thugs, Paxton Boys, Wednesday Night Heros, B.A.P., Fatskins, O.B. 

V/A - Rockin' The Streets vol.1 (1998)

Compilation was released by German DSS Records in 1998. The bands presented on it are The Service, Les Partisans, 12 Pointbuck, Street Troopers, Chapter 21 and Impact.  

V/A - Polska Gola! (2006)

Polish Oi! compilation features All Bandits, Contra Boys, The Gits, The Junkers, Ramzes & The Hooligans, Lumpex 75, Trinkers, Faul, Werwolf 77, Rezystencja, BTM and Krzyzacy PL.

V/A - 7 inches of Oi EP (2000)

Norwegian Oi!/streetpunk compilation feat. Fuck Ups, Haggis, Bankers and Triple Twenty.

понедельник, 8 ноября 2010 г.

Those Unknown - Malice And Misfortune EP (2000)

Cops And Robbers - Execution Style (2001)

Guillotine - Delinquance EP (1999)

Warboots & Guillotine - split EP (1999)

Les Teckels - Not So Angry EP (2002)

Les Teckels - Self Titled EP (2001)

Les Teckels - aboivent z'en franзais! EP (1999)

Guardia Bermellon - El Motor De La Historia (2010)

воскресенье, 7 ноября 2010 г.

Those Unknown - Distribution EP (1995)

Nothing Personal - Guns, Guts And Glory (2009)

Debut full length from the now defunct Virgina Beach All-stars. Lyrics are kinda like Pitboss 2000 or One Life Crew: satirical, patriotic and politically incorrect. Music wise you can also hear the OLC/Pitboss influences although it's not a clone! Mix-up OLC/Pitboss with old Agnostic Front and add some Warzone and lil' Blood For Blood and this is what you end up with. Members went on to form Murder Weapon, Victim and Iron Boots!


Toughskins - Raised In Anger CD (1998)

Toughskins - Raised In Anger LP (1995)

Toughskins - Set Things Straight (199?)

вторник, 2 ноября 2010 г.

Bonecrusher - Tomorrow Is Too Late CD (2004)

Bonecrusher & Oxymoron - Noize Overdose split (2007)

Bonecrusher - Our Nations Burning EP (2009)

Life's Blood - Defiance 7' (1988)